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Year Four

Semester One

OPT 457 Contact Lens I

OPT 451 Human Visual Perception

OPT 453 Ocular Pathology I

OPT 459 Orthoptics and Vision Therapy I

FC 181 French for Communication I

OPT 461 Dispensing Optics III

OPT 463 General Optometry Clinic I

OPT 465 Neurophysiology


Semester Two

BCHEM 450 Vision and Nutrition

FC 182 French for Communication II

OPT 452 General Epidemiology

OPT 454 Ocular Pathology II

OPT 458 Contact Lens II

OPT 460 Orthoptics and Vision Therapy II

OPT 462 Head and Neck Anatomy

OPT 464 General Optometry Clinic II