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Optometry as a profession relies very much on the clinical competence of practitioners. As a result the Department attaches a lot of importance to the clinical training of its students. The Department uses a number of teaching clinics and hospitals throughout the school semester and selected hospitals and eye clinics throughout the country in the last semester of their final year.

These are:

1. KNUST Hospital Eye Clinic:

This facility gives the Department the opportunity to teach her students while serving the community and also generate some income. It is hoped that in line with its teaching hospital status, this facility would attract other needed equipment to be used to augment the teaching of our students and maybe ophthalmology students in the future.

2. Student Teaching Clinic at Old FORIG, KNUST:

The Department has refurbished and equipped two rooms with donations received from the Voluntary Optometric Service to Humanity (VOSH) and Rotary International. This location serves mainly for pre-clinical training. Here, students undertake practical training in dispensing optics and basic instrumentation. It is earmarked to double as an income generating clinic.

3. Student Teaching Clinic at Biological Science Building, KNUST:

The Department has also refurbished and equipped a clinic in the Biological Science building with modern equipment for clinical students. Here, students undertake practical training in slit lamp biomicrosopy, Goldmann tonometry, keratometry, use of phoroptor, binocular vision assessment, contact lens fitting and a host of other procedures.

4. St Michael’s Hospital, Pramso

Located in the Kuntenase District of the Ashanti Region, the eye clinic of the St Michael’s hospital, provides our students the opportunity to have experience with real patients and experience hands - on clinical work. Opportunity is provided to learn pre and post-surgical management of patients in an eye care team consisting an ophthalmologist, 3 optometrists and a number of ophthalmic nurses.

5. Juaben Government Hospital, Juaben

Under the tutelage of the resident ophthalmologist, Dr Amoah, who couples as a lecturer at the department, our students are exposed to pathologies, pre and post-surgical management of patients, indirect ophthalmoscopy, observation of surgical procedures, the use of a Volk lens and a host of other procedures.

6. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi

The plush Eye Centre of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital provides a blend of ophthalmologic and optometric training to our students. With various, sub specialties, this clinic is a whole package to our students and provides a wholesome training to them. Almost all sub specialities of optometry are represented here and students get to appreciate ocular manifestations of systemic disease, emergencies. They come to appreciate the essence of team work with other medical specialties in managing ocular conditions in systemic disease.

7. Wesphallian Eye Hospital, Oyoko

Wesphallian Eye Hospital, provides our students with dispensing practical work. They undergo all procedures of glazing and fitting lenses as well as observation of laser capsulotomy procedures. The optometrists provide our students with practical experience in refraction and binocular vision assessment.

8. Externships: In the second semester of the final year

Students spend twelve weeks in hospitals, eye clinics, private practices and dispensing laboratories all around the country. This exposes them to real practice situations and other crucial parts of the profession that cannot easily be taught in the classroom. It gives an opportunity to bring all the knowledge acquired from their training into practice while fine tuning the rough edges off their skills.

9. Vision Aid Overseas, United Kingdom

Volunteers from the Vision Aid Overseas, periodically visit the department to provide a week or two of intensive clinical work to the clinical students. Usually, these involve outreaches to communities to provide free eye screening services to their inhabitants under supervision.